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It is an interdisciplinary field that includes biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, structural biology, microbiology, pharmacology and forensic sciences. Biochemistry studies are intertwined with organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry techniques.

Biochemistry is a field of science in which biological processes are studied on a molecular basis. It is the most dynamic field of science in which the structures and interactions of nucleic acids, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and other biomolecules related to their functions in living systems are studied. Many test groups such as biochemistry, coagulation, vitamins, allergy hematology, hormones, tumor markers, autoantibodies, drugs and toxic substances, stimulation tests, screening tests, urine and other bodily fluid analyzes are carried out, and when necessary, the samples are sent to laboratories abroad which have the same level of accreditation with us and it is aimed to help the diagnosis and treatment in the most effective way.

Biochemistry research topics are very diverse: protein purification and proteome analysis, enzymes and secondary metabolites from microorganisms, enzyme immobilization and inhibition, synthesis and analysis of organic compounds, DNA binding and molecular docking. Synthesizing new drug precursors and chemical-based diagnostic materials in order to control diseases.

Our Hospital Biochemistry laboratory provides a 24/7 service. All tests are monitored daily using internal quality controls CLSI criteria. In addition, by being a member of external quality control programs regularly, the results are evaluated at national and international level. Processes are operated in line with quality management systems. Collaboration with reference laboratories for special tests used in diagnosis, research and follow-up, the biochemistry laboratory has succeeded in increasing the quality.


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